Once an important castle belonging to Perugia, Marsciano today is a vital economic centre with everything from building materials to thriving agriculture. The area of the township is quite large and includes some lovely landscapes. The building material business has done much to contribute to the economic welfare of the community and a dynamic museum has been designed as testimony to the history of brick works and terracotta: a guided journey through the countryside leads the visitor to several interesting places from an XVIII century brick oven to the lab-museum in Compignano and a medieval fortress in Spina, surrounded by some of Umbria’s loveliest countryside dotted with many a hamlet and clusters of houses. In the parish church of Cerqueto, nestled between the Nestore and the Tiber valley, for example, is a fresco by Il Perugino depicting St. Sebastian; in Compignano one can admire the lovely XVII century Palazzo Monaldi, in Mercatello you’ll find the Vibi loggia with its renaissance columns and capitals; in Olmeto there is the XVI century painting of the Madonna of Mercy; Papiano boasts a XII century bell tower and church. The castle-village of S. Apollinare and the wonderful nature to be found in the valley of the pristine Fersinone River are of great interest, as are the countryside and castle of Migliano, with its panoramic view point.

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