Fratta Todina

In the Middle Tiber Valley, on a hilltop halfway between Marsciano and Todi, is Fratta Todina, which for centuries was the residence and county of the bishops of Todi, hence the old name Fratta del Vescovo (or Land of the Bishop). It was surrounded by stone walls and fortified by the Perugini in the XV century after having been the site of battles for two centuries between the local Guelphs (from Perugia and Orvieto) and Ghibellines (from Todi, Amelia and Spoleto). After having been under the guardianship of the Fortebracci, Fratta Todina was handed over to Todi once again and the bishop, Angelo Cesi, promoted the town’s economic development instituting, among other things, a great yearly festival dedicated to S. Michele Arcangelo on May 8th. It was Bishop Cesi who began construction on a grand palazzo for the bishopric at the end of the XVI century, which was completed in all of its glory under Cardinal G.B. Altieri. Palazzo Altieri, with its gardens, cloisters and frescoes by Roman artists, today belongs to the Handmaidens of Merciful Love and offers a Hope Centre, an institute for handicapped children run by the nuns, whose permission is needed to visit the palazzo. Also worthy of note is S. Maria della Spineta, the highest point of the town’s territory, the seat of one of the oldest Franciscan convents in Italy and graced with a gorgeous cloister that dates back to 1394.

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