Sitting at an altitude of almost 500msl dominating the Tiber Valley is Collazzone, a fortified medieval castle dating to 1332 used as an outpost by Perugia and fought over in battles with Todi. It sits at the centre of an area characterized by high hills dotted with olive groves and six tiny medieval hilltop villages nestled in the lush countryside: Assignano, Piedicolle, Collepepe, Casalalta, Canalicchio and Gaietole. At the centre of Collazzone is the convent of S. Lorenzo, where the religious poet Jacopone da Todi lived out his last years in isolation and died on Christmas night in 1306. The parish Church here still preserves some great paintings, as well as delightful wooden sculpture of the Madonna with Child, the work of a XII century Umbrian inlayer. The area is a pleasure to visit and, in addition to the silence and beauty of the natural scenery, you can tour the numerous villages perched overlooking green valleys: Assignano, formerly the Castle of Col di Mezzo, with ruins of a fortress destroyed by the Baglioni clan, Piedicolle, with the beautiful church of S. Giacomo Maggiore dating to the sixteenth century, Collepepe, with its imposing Roman cisterns and Casalalta, with the church of S. Maria Assunta and frescoes dating to the XIV and XV centuries.

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