Bastia Umbra

Located between Perugia and Assisi, Bastia Umbra sits along the course of the Chiascio River on the plains dominated by Mount Subasio. Although Bastia Umbra has ancient origins, it is a modern town. The centre is bustles with shops and stores, craftsmen and industry that is constantly expanding. In the heart of town, we can come across very old fortifications and buildings. Porta S. Angelo, which faces West, is the best preserved of the gates leading to the castle of Insula Romana, which is what Bastia Umbria was once called. The oldest church here is the church of S. Angelo, now deconsecrated. Rebuilt at the beginning of the 1300s, its nave was decorated with many frescoes. In the 1960s, it was sold to a private party by the parish but, after suffering serious damage in the 1997earthquake, the town acquired the property and will soon begin major renovation work. The new church of San Michele Arcangelo, patron saint of Bastia Umbria, was consecrated in 1962 and sits on the main square of Bastia, on the site where once the chapels of S. Antonio and Buona Morte stood. On Piazza Mazzini you will find the fourteenth-century church of Santa Croce, characteristic for its façade of white and pink limestone typical of Subasio. The bell tower, which rises to the right of the church, was erected between 1835 and 1839. Not far away, on a low hill, you can visit the Rocca S. Angelo, a fortress dating to the Middle Ages surrounded by walls and towers, home to one of the oldest monasteries of the Franciscan order.

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