Avigliano Umbro

Avigliano (441msl), a castle that once belonged to the Terre Arnolfe like Sambucetole and Castel dell’Aquila, is located on the ancient Via Amerina, which goes from Amelia to Perugia through Todi. The Church of the Holy Trinity (S.S.Trinità) which dates back to 1617 and houses two interesting paintings by Andrea Polinori and frescoes by Bartolomeo Barbiani is very interesting. Just two kilometres out of town, next to an eponymous brick quarry, lies the Dunarobba fossil forest, one of the most important paleontological sites in the world featuring tree trunks still standing in life-like positions. Beautifully preserved, the many large trunks have blessed the Dunarobba fossil forest with some extraordinary and almost exclusive characteristics: not only are there the trunks, but also examples of ancient wildlife - mollusks, insects, vertebrates - a complete ecosystem from the past that can still be studied and observed. Moreover, it is not a single forest but a succession of forests belonging to different periods. The site has been protected and safeguarded since1987 and to visit it you must contact the Avigliano Umbro Documentation Centre or the authorities at the local Town Hall.

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